Nightflyer is one bluegrass band you don't want to miss -- mostly contemporary with strong traditional bluegrass roots, a little gospel and just a touch of the blues thrown in, and nothing but fun to watch.

There are plenty of
videos, photos and music on this site, facebook and YouTube of this Southwest Ohio band. I could go on, but why don't you be the judge!

Nightflyer News

Happy to share our first review for "Rail River & Road!" 

We're very excited to share our first review for "Rail River & Road!" Thank you to Brenda Hough and the California Bluegrass Association!

Here it is...
"Nightflyer's second album again shows a cohesive, polished band with fine and varied vocals, crisp instrumentation and an ability to choose songs with substance and meaning. While the songs all relate to traveling, trains, and loving and leaving, the rhythms vary and the band's multiple lead singers give the songs different flavors. Band members are Tim Jackson on dobro and vocals, Rick Hayes on mandolin and vocals, Tony Kakaris on bass and vocals, Ronnie Stewart on banjo and lead vocals and Richard Propps on guitar and lead vocals.

The opening song, "Train, Train," sets the tone for drive and punch. Banjo and mandolin propel the rhythm followed by dobro and Richard's lead vocal has that gruff country lead that speaks of experience. Ronnie's lead vocal on Hazel Dicken's "Old River," has that soaring, bluesy, lonesome sound that helps define bluegrass. Rick takes the lead vocal on "Lonesome Wind," and the band joins in with some fine harmony vocals. "Gospel News" is an upbeat gospel song with glorious harmonies and gospel message highlights. Another gospel song, "The Road to Glory," features some fine dobro solos and harmonies. It's always satisfying to hear a band use contemporary songs and polish them with a bluegrass luster."

"Old River" Single Is Out! 

We debuted the new single, "Old River," from Nightlfyer's upcoming CD "Rail River & Road" on WOBO 88.7 FM last night. Written by Hazel Dickens, the song highlights the vocal talents of banjoist Ronnie Stewart and guitarist Richard Propps. Although Richard most often takes the lead, on this track he contributes his soaring tenor over Ronnie's hair-raising vocals. And of course all of the other guys are awesome on it! We expect to get the full “Rail River & Road” CD out by late August. Until then, you can purchase the MP3 right here on our website -- just visit the MUSIC page.

For you DJ's out there --  “Old River” is now available for download via Airplay Direct at

For you fans -- please help support the guys by calling your local DJ's and requesting the tune. Thanks!

Bean Blossom and then on to North Dakota! 

Playing the Father of Bluegrass's Festival!


Nightflyer at Amvets Festival
Nightflyer is excited and honored to be playing Bean Blossom this year -- the oldest, continuously running bluegrass festival in the world! It's a full 10-days and is already under way! 


And a Little Later in the Week -- North Dakota, Here Comes Nightflyer! 

Last year the guys traveled to the Lakes Bluegrass Festival and had a such a great time. Apparently they made an impression and several people went back home to North Dakota and made sure they brought the band back up north this year for the Missouri River Bluegrass Festival held in Center, ND. It's going to be a crazy whirlwind trip for the guys, but they are really looking forward to it.

The folks up north have been so kind and welcoming of the band. Check out some of the great advance publicity they have given the guys too!


 If you are up that way, head over to the festival next weekend. Nightflyer is closing out the night Friday with a 9:30 set. On Saturday morning, they will be conducting a series of workshops where they will be teaching participants a new song. The song is on Nightflyer's upcoming CD "Rail River & Road" and is titled "The Man I've Come To Know" written by our own Richard Propps! The song is a touching tribute to his late father. The band will then play their first set of the day at 4:30 and finish the evening with a 9:30 set.

The event takes place at Cross Ranch State Park, 1403 River Rd., Center, ND -- that I can only imagine is a beautiful place! Let us know if you need any additional info!

Ch-ch-changes - Part 2 Involves You 

Nightflyer has been so fortunate to enjoy a great group of fan-friends. We can't just call them fans because we feel they are more than that. Many of you not only come out to the shows, but do so much to help spread the word and introduce others to Nightflyer. Well, we would like to organize those of you that are interested into our our own grass roots street team to hopefully pull those efforts together and use a strength-in-numbers approach.

We don't have all of the details figured out yet -- and it will surely be a work in progress -- but here are some of the possible "projects":
  • forward the email newsletter to friends you think might be interested in following the band
  • contact DJs to request Nightflyer songs; we may pick a particular station or a particular song to concentrate on at any given time
  • share facebook page and posts on your timeline, in groups, with friends
  • contact a particular promoter where Nightflyer is trying to make an impression
  • hand out flyers at your local jams and association events
The list goes on and on. We haven't figured out exactly what the benefits are either, but some ideas include:
  • special t-shirts, giveaways, doohickeys and thing-a-ma-bobs -- some with an exclusive street team name and logo 
  • exclusive song tracks, videos, photos, etc.
  • invites to behind-the-scenes events or meet--and-greets
  • the satisfaction of knowing you're helping grow the band (LOL)
Soooooo...if you are interested please send us an email or use our comment form to let us know you want in! This isn't just for "locals" either. 

We are looking for people all across the country and beyond to help the band grow in other areas. It doesn't cost anything and you are never required to do anything. It's just a casual group of like-minded peeps working toward a common goal.


We have some new stickers that are great for cases or cars or wherever you want. They are 5.5" x 2.75", shiny black with a metallic gold logo and web address. And they're only a buck! You can catch us at a show and snap one up or send a dollar in a self-addressed stamped envelope to:  Lyn Hayes, 4603 Primer Ct., Batavia, OH 45103 and I'll get you one right out.  

More Social Marketing Frontiers...

In addition to our new email format and our improved responsive design website (fancy way of saying that it adjusts when viewing on smartphones and tablets) -- we're now on Instagram! We decided to do this to speed the flow of photos and short video clips to our facebook page and homepage of our website. If you're on Instagram please follow us at @nightflyerband and we'll follow you back. If you've taken a photo or video clip of the band, especially one of you WITH the band, tag it with #nightflyerband. We love to see them!


"I hired Nightflyer for our 2013 Lakes Bluegrass Festival without having heard or seen them in person, but they were such delightful people and easy to deal with that I decided to take a chance on them. To say they exceeded my expectations is an understatement. They are marvelous musicians, great entertainers, and just good people.

Many of our audience commented that they were favorites among many other well-known national bands. I will definitely have them back when I can."

Tim Roggenkamp, Entertainment Director
The Lakes Bluegrass Festival.


"I heard great things about the band Nightflyer for years. I even had a CD but never heard them live. I found out that they were playing at the Blue Ribbon Foxhunters Lodge so we went over to hear them and they absolutely killed it.  A short time later they were booked at Rudy
Fest and they did not disappoint. Nightflyer is a killer band, good musicians, tight vocals and best of all, a great bunch of boys."

Rudy Burchett, Rudy Fest


"When you think of the qualities it takes for a band to reach star status it is easy to see why Nightflyer is moving to the forefront of the bluegrass world. Having five superbly talented musicians, there is nothing Nightflyer can’t play. Vocally, their harmonies are dead on and in a group that has four lead singers it is Richard Propps who reaches notes that are beyond most mortals with his powerful soaring vocals. From traditional and progressive bluegrass, to gospel and blues, the group can play any style. For promoters, Nightflyer is a must have for your event and for bluegrass lovers, Nightflyer is a must see for you.” 

Ron Kodish, Smoked Country Jam


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  • #simplythebest #bluegrass #nightflyer
    #simplythebest #bluegrass #nightflyer
  • A little pre-show pow-wow. #simplythebest
    A little pre-show pow-wow. #simplythebest
  • Warming up before the Friday show! #grassingrayson #simplythebest #bluegrass
    Warming up before the Friday show! #grassingrayson #simplythebest #bluegrass
  • Look what Jim Rink just won at the Nightflyer show and is donating to the TOM-STOCK Silent Auction! It was raffled at the Tabernacle Baptist Church concert and donated by BBB Music in Chillicothe. #bluegrassfolksareawesome #thanksJimRink
    Look what Jim Rink just won at the Nightflyer show and is donating to the TOM-STOCK Silent Auction! It was raffled at the Tabernacle Baptist Church concert and donated by BBB Music in Chillicothe. #bluegrassfolksareawesome #thanksJimRink
  • #nightflyer #bluegrass #youshouldbehere
    #nightflyer #bluegrass #youshouldbehere

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