Bean Blossom and then on to North Dakota!

Playing the Father of Bluegrass's Festival!


Nightflyer at Amvets Festival
Nightflyer is excited and honored to be playing Bean Blossom this year -- the oldest, continuously running bluegrass festival in the world! It's a full 10-days and is already under way! 


And a Little Later in the Week -- North Dakota, Here Comes Nightflyer! 

Last year the guys traveled to the Lakes Bluegrass Festival and had a such a great time. Apparently they made an impression and several people went back home to North Dakota and made sure they brought the band back up north this year for the Missouri River Bluegrass Festival held in Center, ND. It's going to be a crazy whirlwind trip for the guys, but they are really looking forward to it.

The folks up north have been so kind and welcoming of the band. Check out some of the great advance publicity they have given the guys too!


 If you are up that way, head over to the festival next weekend. Nightflyer is closing out the night Friday with a 9:30 set. On Saturday morning, they will be conducting a series of workshops where they will be teaching participants a new song. The song is on Nightflyer's upcoming CD "Rail River & Road" and is titled "The Man I've Come To Know" written by our own Richard Propps! The song is a touching tribute to his late father. The band will then play their first set of the day at 4:30 and finish the evening with a 9:30 set.

The event takes place at Cross Ranch State Park, 1403 River Rd., Center, ND -- that I can only imagine is a beautiful place! Let us know if you need any additional info!