Happy to share our first review for "Rail River & Road!"

We're very excited to share our first review for "Rail River & Road!" Thank you to Brenda Hough and the California Bluegrass Association!

Here it is...
"Nightflyer's second album again shows a cohesive, polished band with fine and varied vocals, crisp instrumentation and an ability to choose songs with substance and meaning. While the songs all relate to traveling, trains, and loving and leaving, the rhythms vary and the band's multiple lead singers give the songs different flavors. Band members are Tim Jackson on dobro and vocals, Rick Hayes on mandolin and vocals, Tony Kakaris on bass and vocals, Ronnie Stewart on banjo and lead vocals and Richard Propps on guitar and lead vocals.

The opening song, "Train, Train," sets the tone for drive and punch. Banjo and mandolin propel the rhythm followed by dobro and Richard's lead vocal has that gruff country lead that speaks of experience. Ronnie's lead vocal on Hazel Dicken's "Old River," has that soaring, bluesy, lonesome sound that helps define bluegrass. Rick takes the lead vocal on "Lonesome Wind," and the band joins in with some fine harmony vocals. "Gospel News" is an upbeat gospel song with glorious harmonies and gospel message highlights. Another gospel song, "The Road to Glory," features some fine dobro solos and harmonies. It's always satisfying to hear a band use contemporary songs and polish them with a bluegrass luster."